​Kansas City Chiefs' second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes has taken the ​league by storm this year with his exciting offensive performances. And based on his first-ever commercial for Hunt's ketchup, those should probably be his only performances. 

This is legitimately on of the weirdest commercials ever. It comes so close to feeling definitely sarcastic, without ever going far enough to make me fully believe they didn't think this was at least a little bit actually cool. 

There are a few things going on with this little bit of marketing magic.

Let's start with the fact that the camera slowly pans down to reveal he's squeezing a ketchup bottle with his arm while doing bicep curls. Why wouldn't the reveal just be that he's working out by squeezing a ketchup bottle? Then, we would at least know it's a joke. The bicep curls still feel like we're supposed to be impressed by how cool and jacked he is. 

Secondly, he's squeezing the ketchup onto a plate of mac and cheese that looks more like an awkwardly toasted waffle. Can we get a little production value over here? There's an entire industry dedicated to making food products look good on camera, and clearly someone skipped that day of cinematography class. 

Finally, someone who was on set needs to leak all of the unused takes of Mahomes trying a speaking line, before the director eventually threw a frustration tantrum and told him to just hold it up and smile...something he still couldn't quite pull off. 

This was clearly a terrible, terrible commercial that will never work. But now that I think about it, I do need to buy ketchup.