​It appears that the relationship between​ Brandon Ingram and the Los Angeles Lakers will be ending soon. The former number two overall pick has had his name floated in trade rumors and now it appears that the Lakers have made him available in trade talks.

The Lakers are clearly star hunting and Ingram is easily their best trade asset. Ingram alone, should be able to bring in a star player, but packaging him up with some of their other young pieces may end up getting them ​Anthony Davis.

​​It should come as little surprise these rumors are coming out just a day after LeBron James publicly declared he would love to play with Anthony Davis. If the Lakers are going to try and acquire Davis, the optimal time would be before the trade deadline this season. Packaging Ingram with another young player like Lonzo Ball might be enough to get Davis on the Lakers roster.

Anthony Davis is clearly a generational talent, but the New Orleans Pelicans have not shown any indication that they would consider trading him.

If the Davis pipe dream doesn't end up happening, the Lakers need to turn their attention to Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal. Beal would fit perfectly next to LeBron James because of his great shooting. Beal is accustomed to playing off the ball, but I think the upgrade to LeBron James from John Wall will really help Beal meet his full potential.

If the Lakers can land either Anthony Davis or Bradley Beal, I think that they can seriously contend in the west this season.