After a lot of rumors, a failed deal, and ​some ridiculous miscommunication, Trevor Ariza is finally gone from the Phoenix Suns, ​ending up in Washington. But the newest Wizard wanted to go to the Lakers, and they wanted him -- but evidently not badly enough.

The Suns and Lakers had preliminary discussions about an Ariza deal, but the trade talks reportedly died when Phoenix demanded young guard Josh Hart, whom the Lakers were refusing to include.

​​As a result of their stubbornness, the Lakeshow missed out on Ariza, and they should be kicking themselves. The Lakers are delusional if they think a backup like Josh Hart is too integral to their future to deal in a chance to improve during the LeBron era. I mean, come on.

They Lakers can't afford to hang on to Hart if the right deal comes along -- and if that right deal is...say, Anthony Davis? Hart better be on the first bus to New Orleans...or train, plane, whatever. 

Although the front office didn't deem Ariza good enough to warrant giving up Hart, who is a solid young player, they better be willing to part with him in exchange for a true star.

​​Come on, L.A. Don't kid yourself. Your window for a title is as long as LeBron is on the team. You don't know how much longer the GOAT's gonna play. Time to win now.​

Make the deal.