​If you had any doubts as to whether Aaron Rodgers would play again this season, you have your answer: it's an emphatic yes.

Despite being eliminated from postseason contention, the Green Bay Packers are--somewhat inexplicably--sticking with their banged up quarterback, even if they'd be be better served losing their last two games for draft position.

​​You have to assume that this call came from Rodgers himself, rather than anyone higher up. You've got to hand it to the future Hall of Famer and Super Bowl XLV MVP: he loves to compete...even though conventional wisdom says he should rest up and get ready to compete in 2019.

Add that to the fact that the Packers have a perfectly capable backup in DeShone Kizer...well I don't know about "capable," but certainly capable of beating the Jets.​​

While I personally would make the executive call to sit Rodgers if I'm interim head coach Joe Philbin, you can't blame him for giving in to his star quarterback...you don't need ​more of the issues that led to Mike McCarthy's firing.

Oh well. Enjoy Rodgers these next two weeks, Packers fans--and pray that he doesn't get hurt.