​I guess this is what teams around Major League Baseball are going to do when they have a meeting with a big free agent. 

Just like they did with left-handed pitcher ​Patrick Corbin (which didn't work out), the New York Yankees welcomed superstar free agent Manny Machado to Yankee Stadium with a graphic of him on the big board in Yankees attire. Take a look:

Say what you want about Machado's past shenanigans, especially during the postseason this year, but he looks damn good in the Yankee pinstripes. It's like he was meant to wear that uniform.

While the scoreboard pic is cool and would make every player feel welcome -- not to mention ​Carlos Beltran being in the room -- I don't think Machado needs much convincing to sign with the Yankees.

​​He's publicly said in the past how much he wants to be a Yankee. All this meeting boils down to is the Yankees getting a gauge of his personality and work ethic, and whether it's good enough for them to make this massive investment in him.

But hey, the graphic is a nice touch.