On Tuesday, President Donald Trump and his family agreed to dissolve their controversial charity organization. As part of the deal with the New York Attorney General's office, the Trump Foundation will be required to sell off the only three physical items the foundation currently has, and will give away all of the remaining money in their coffers.

Of those three items, one of them is a signed helmet from​ Tim Tebow that Trump bought in 2012 for $12,000 using the foundation's money.

​​This seems like a steep overpay for a Tebow signed helmet. Tim Tebow was not a good quarterback in the NFL, and even at the height of Tebow Mania back in his college years at Florida, $12,000 would have been hard to justify.

Thankfully for Trump, the helmet has more than doubled in its value and was a great investment. Just kidding! The total value of the three items which Trump paid $42,000 for (to include two paintings of himself) is now estimated at just $975. 

No wonder the foundation is dissolving.

For his part, Tebow has turned his attention to baseball and broadcasting and has put his wobbly, inaccurate passes in the rear view mirror. The next big item on his agenda is Spring Training with the New York Mets, and organization that happens to be based in Trump's native Queens.

Despite a hand injury last season, Tebow does have his eyes set on trying to make it to the big leagues this season. Who knows, maybe the helmet will eventually make up its value when he's hitting homers in the ​MLB

Yeah, I know. Probably not.