​The Houston Astros made a nice move yesterday and signed veteran All-Star outfielder ​Michael Brantley to a two-year deal. That's a nice headline and should satisfy Houston fans for at least a week, but according to one of their stars ​Alex Bregman, something big could be coming down the pike.

​​Even beat reporters for the Astros are paying closer attention to Bregman and the team after this cryptic tweet.

Is Bregman just trolling everyone? Or are the Astros about to pull off a blockbuster deal? Could it be for catcher J.T. Realmuto? How about a big free agent signing? 

What about a Bregman extension, ahead of schedule?

Apparently, we have to wait two damn weeks for the info here.

Who knows what Bregman is actually talking about. Heck, it could be big news about something in his personal life. The fact of the matter is, everyone in the baseball world should be locking in on the Astros and Bregman's Twitter feed.