​The Sacramento Kings have taken the ​NBA  by storm this year, drawing more attention around the league than they have in years. Unfortunately, an unwanted side-effect of graduating into the ranks of Western Conference relevancy is that anything said by the organization is taken seriously. 

Kings head coach Dave ​Joerger seemed to get a little ahead of himself, when he made the claim that Marvin Bagley and De'Aaron Fox are on the path to be the next Westbrook/Durant within five years. 

While both young players have shown tremendous potential, it feels like a stretch to suggest that they will replicate the same success as Durant and Westbrook did with the ​Thunder. Remember, those guys took a game off of LeBron's Heatles in the 2012 Finals, when they were still just babies. 

The Fox/Bagley pairing does, admittedly, have some similarities to the ex-OKC duo. Fox is in the conversation for fastest guard in the league, and he's shown that he inherited the clutch gene with game-stealing performances. Bagley, a 6-11 rookie, has seen minutes at shooting guard and small forward, although he probably doesn't have the necessary skill-set to move positions permanently, like Kevin Durant has done.

Every rebuilding team dreams of seeing their young roster blossom into the superstars of tomorrow, and in the case of the Kings, those dreams are slowly starting to take form. There's a difference, though, between winning some games and building two separate MVP-careers.

Who knows, maybe five years from now Joerger will be looking back and laughing at all of us. But I won't be holding my breath.