​Most of us get excited when we win back the money we spent on our scratch-offs, but imagine guessing a 12-leg parlay correctly and turning a measly $20 bet into $50,000?

That's what one person did during this past weekend, as they was able to bet correctly on each and every one of the 12 games they took a chance on. They hit the over/unders and point spreads right on the head. 

Provided to him by the Sportsbook, Darren Rovell, a reporter for The Action Network, shared with everyone the winning ticket.

It's easy to see how someone would guess three of four games correctly, we all get lucky once in awhile, but 12? That's not even feasible. 

Can someone ask this guy what the winning lottery numbers will be tonight?

Kudos to this person for believing in the Cleveland Browns and ​Minnesota Vikings to get the job done. 

The Vikings couldn't score whatsoever the last few weeks, yet they took them as the heavy favorite over the Miami Dolphins. 

We would've all loved to be a fly on the wall to see their reaction as the Seahawks and ​49ers game went over the 43.5 point total. That must've been a sight to see.