Former No. 2 overall pick Brandon Ingram, by most accounts, has a bright future in the league. It just may not be in Los Angeles. 

The Lakers forward has not been able to distinguish himself when sharing the court with LeBron James. Since the King arrived, Ingram's role has been diminished, as Kyle Kuzma has proven to be a better fit in lineups that feature No. 23, and as a result, Ingram may be the odd man out when it comes time for the team to trade for a possible All-Star.

​​Weirdly enough, this is coming just days after it was rumored the Chicago Bulls were trying to trade another former No. 2 overall pick, Jabari ParkerNBA teams have gotten smarter as they've gotten smaller, and keeping around too many players that take up the same spaces on the court and can't adequately stretch the floor just shouldn't coexist.

Rumors are circulating that the team is trying to make a move for Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis, and it's hard to imagine Ingram not being included in that deal. 

​​The Lakers will absolutely attempt to get at least one more star to pair next to LeBron. Getting value for Ingram while he's young and upwardly mobile could end up being the smartest move for a team already ahead of schedule in its quest to compete in the West.