​The undefeated big baller LaVar Ball is back in the news and you're not gonna believe this, he said something controversial. After his JBA team suffered a loss while on tour in Lithuania, he decided it would be smart to put the blame on his 17-year old son, LaMelo Ball. 

LaVar went as far as to call his son's play "terrible" and claimed he was a  "poor leader". 

On Sunday's episode of Ball in the Family, we got to see LaVar's reaction to LaMelo getting ejected from a game. LaVar disclosed to the camera's that he wanted to choke LaMelo after the brawl took place. 

​​While LaMelo clearly acted immaturely there, it is important to note that he is just 17 years old and he is supposed to act immaturely. 

It is clear LaMelo is very talented, but it would be nice if his father would use his mistakes as teaching lessons instead of calling him out in the media. 

LaVar, has clearly taken a step back with his relationship with Lonzo in the media since LeBron James joined him on the Los Angeles Lakers. Hopefully, he will do the same with LaMelo and become less of a distraction.