​​Nick Foles wanted to get into ​game action, eh? He might be second-guessing that decision after taking this very potent pounding from Aaron Donald. The game's most punishing defensive player took a brutal shot on Foles early in Sunday night's second quarter.

​​Clay Matthews thinks this is roughing the passer.

Donald's Rams and Foles' Eagles have been a nice match thus far in this one, with Philly's new signal-caller embodying some of that postseason confidence he pulled out of nowhere last season.

But a few more of these hard hits can undo that confidence real quick.

Seems like Foles' throat took the brunt of it, based on the aftermath.

​​Mercy. Massage those tonsils, kid.

We're due for a tight one, but another one of these hard shots in the wrong spot, and it'll be Hollywood Nate Sudfeld under center.