​Chris Boswell is not having an epic few weeks.

His disastrous effort from ​Pittsburgh's upset loss on the road against the Raiders continued on Sunday night, with a shanked 32-yarder working against him once again.

Having watched the social media onslaught directed at him over the past few weeks, Pittsburgh's faithful got creative, going deep in Boswell's Twitter history in an effort to get him knocked off the roster.

Phase one of the mission went...according to plan. They found what they wanted.


Where do you think he's gonna be at, Chris?

And if you thought there wouldn't be an N-bomb in there, well...

​​Not wonderful.

There was a veritable treasure trove of Boswell tweets to choose from. They just kept piling on.


So, what'll it be, Steelers? Want to teach Boswell a lesson based on his tweets from five years ago? Any way you can get him off the field by the last drive of the fourth quarter, perhaps?

Pittsburgh will do anything at this point. Stop shanking kicks. Really not that hard. The Twitter detectives will continue their hard work until morale improves.