The Green Bay Packers' major letdown of a 2018 season is almost entirely in the books. Constant injuries to the entire roster, the firing of long-time head coach Mike McCarthy, and now the tough Week 15 loss to their rival Chicago Bears put a stamp on this brutal campaign. 

In light of a lost season, the Packers organization has to ask themselves: what's the point in playing Aaron Rodgers the rest of the way? After the punishment he took this year highlighted by a knee injury early in the season, No. 12 may be in line for an early offseason.

And yes, the injury issues only compounded themselves on Sunday.

Rodgers spent most of Sunday's game at Soldier Field on his back, after he was hit a dozen times, including five sacks on the day. 

His impressive 402 pass attempts streak without an interception was ended when he threw a prayer ball into the end zone late in the game. He was also in plenty of pain the entire afternoon after being brought down hard in the second quarter. 

These injuries tend to compound themselves, and compromising for one malady could easily lead to additional complications. With the team officially out of the postseason, why on earth would you risk it?

The Packers were missing three quarters of their offensive line and have no incentive to bring them back to risk further injury. 

Though Rodgers is an absolute warrior and would scoff at the idea of sitting for two weeks, coaches and trainers should consider saving their star from himself, considering all these negative circumstances. Losing him now to a major injury would put 2019's rebound year in serious jeopardy, and there's no point in even bringing that into play.