The Vikings just turned in a terrific performance over the Miami Dolphins, defeating the Dolphins at home in a high scoring 41-17 performance. 

However, some Vikings fans may not be happy to hear this stat about their NFL record highest-paid QB. We wouldn't let you go one full week without hearing something negative about Cousins, now would we?

Over this past NFL offseason, Cousins signed a three-year, $84 million deal, which was fully guaranteed. This set the new record for most money ever guaranteed for a player contract, and the ​reviews since that day have been mixed to say the least.

Add in this Minkah Fitzpatrick play for a visual, and you get a pretty solid idea of why fans are so non-plussed by Cousins.

In his entire NFL career, his new rival Aaron Rodgers has thrown for only two pick-sixes. This season, the Vikings franchise QB has thrown for three all by his lonesome.

Whether you think the Vikings were right or not for signing Cousins, fans cannot necessarily be that disappointed with the results. Though the team is currently 7-6-1, the Vikings are still in the race for the playoffs, and with an impressive win today, the team will look to finish the season strong. 

Cousins has also thrown for 3,698 yards and 24 TDs this season, which both rank among the league's top 10 marks.

With their eyes now set on a Wild Card spot following the Bears locking up the NFC North earlier on Sunday, the Vikings will look for Cousins to lead them to victories over the Lions and the Bears.

Take care of the ball, Kirk.