There's no question that Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the future for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, he's struggled with injuries so far in his career. He needs time to heal before returning to the lineup and there's no sense in risking further injury when you want the guy quarterbacking your team for the next 10-plus years.

Wentz is missing this week's game with a back injury, and Nick Foles will once again be stepping in for him, which is the way it should be. In fact, the Eagles should let Foles finish the regular season for them. Wentz shouldn't be rushed back in if he isn't ready. The team would benefit much more from resting Wentz and allowing him to heal properly, especially since Foles is a capable starter.

Foles will be able to hold his own as the starter while Wentz recovers. He proved during last year's run that he's still got it, during which he had 971 passing yards and six touchdowns in the playoffs. He might not be a consistent long-term option, but the Eagles should use Foles while they have him, and should they make the playoffs (though a very slim chance), they could consider bringing Wentz back for those games.

Wentz has a bright career in the ​NFL ahead of him, but Foles will be able to play well for this team like he has in the past. The Eagles made the right call ruling out Wentz this week, and now they have to do the same for the two after Sunday.