​If you are going to come at the champ, you better not miss. During Friday's matchup between the stacked ​Golden State Warriors and the surprisingly good ​Sacramento Kings, the Kings played a video of the moon landing during the Warriors' player introductions. For those who don't know, the video was in reference to ​Steph Curry taking the world by storm when he went onto a podcast and said that he doesn't believe that Apollo 11 actually landed on the moon. 

Since his take going viral, Curry has said that his moon landing conspiracy theory was just a joke, but that didn't stop the Kings from trolling the two-time MVP.​​

But giving Curry extra motivation to destroy your team is probably not the best strategy as the Kings found out. Not only would the Kings end up losing to the Warriors 130-125, but guess who was the game's lead scorer? That's right, Steph Curry.

Curry finished with 35 points, seven rebounds, and six assists, making the Kings' media team regret ever trying to diss one of the best shooters in NBA history.

Hilariously, one of the Kings' announcers called Curry going off in Sacramento because of the moon landing player introduction.

Curry didn't drop 50, but the announcer wasn't that far off.

Curry's performance is just another reminder that no matter how likable he may seem, Curry is a stone-cold killer on the court. That's why he's called the Baby-Faced Assassin.