LATE CRAZY-PANTS UPDATE: ​The trade is dead!!!

Trevor Ariza's stay in Phoenix was as quick as NBA rules would allow. After signing with the Suns in free agency, he wasn't eligible to be traded until December 15th. And with that date nearly here, a deal is reportedly already set. Per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Ariza is heading to the Washington Wizards.

​​As part of a three-team deal that also involves the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis will send Wayne Selden and MarShon Brooks to Phoenix, while Washington will ship  ​Austin Rivers. The Grizzlies acquire Kelly Oubre on their end.

​​All told, while Ariza doesn't end up returning to the Lakers ​like many expected, he still gets a shot at playoff basketball that was absolutely not possible in Phoenix. Any team wouldn't find it hard to incorporate a three-and-D wing like him, and the Wizards are getting a net upgrade swapping him in for Oubre.

As for the Suns, they continue to be a clueless crap-heap. But you already knew that.