​In an attempt to replace the RPI rating system, the ​​NCAA created the "NCAA Evaluation Tool," or NET, to rank teams in a more complete and accurate way. If that sounds a bit confusing, you're not alone. But suffice to say that it's a new day in college basketball. 

​​In a bit of a surprise, Tony Bennett and Virginia, who currently clock in at No. 6 in the AP Poll, are positioned right at the top of the latest NET rankings. Kansas, No. 1 in the AP Poll, are ranked sixth in the NET. In fact, they aren't even the highest-rated Big 12 team. Good looks, Red Raiders!

​​Texas Tech coming in at No. 4 despite Chris Beard's group not cracking the Top 10 in the AP is a bit of a surprise. This comes from the fact that the "scoring margin" aspect of the rankings is capped at 10 points per game; for example, a 30-point win and an 11-point win are exactly the same in the eyes of NET. While this prevents big schools from beating up on smaller programs for a higher RPI and reaping conspicuous benefits, it also means that Duke's ​annihilation of Kentucky counts just as much as a 10-point win.

The NET may not be perfect, but anything is better than RPI.