​Kyle Kuzma is ​by no means shy when it comes to speaking his mind on social media.

After receiving what some would consider a questionable foul call the other night against the Houston Rockets, Kuzma argued with referees and received a technical foul. TNT's color commentator for the game, Chris Webber, agreed with Kuzma that both the common and technical foul calls were poorly decided, but apparently the ​NBA referees stand by the decision.

​​After posting an explanation for the call on twitter, the NBA referees account received a not so subtle response from Kuzma who replied, "Can we get fined if we tweet back at this account?"

Clearly, Kuz is still angered by the call and the ensuing tech, but did he deserve them? You be the judge.

It's hard to imagine that every last NBA official would whistle this as a foul. The line on calls like this one is blurry, and can potentially differ from night to night depending on the specific situations. 

Of course, given how Kuzma was arguing, he can't be too surprised about getting ​a tech in today's NBA. That's just the way it is.