​What's the best reason to play in a ​bowl game? The chance for a team or player to strut their stuff in an exhibition in front of the entire country? Possibly vying for a national championship in one of the New Year's Six bowls?

Nah. Has to be the awesome gift bag full of free stuff that every player receives. And this year's ​Orange Bowl matchup might have just raised the bar for all future bowl giveaways: each player from both Oklahoma and Alabama will be presented with a custom bobblehead featuring their likeness.

If getting a bobblehead of yourself isn't cool, I don't know what is. 

The "personalized decoration" trend is a popular one this year, as players for both Georgia Tech and Minnesota in the Quick Lane Bowl will get a life-size Fathead wall graphic of themselves. Other cool gifts from this bowl season include an engraved Fossil watch in the Cheez-It Bowl (Cal vs. TCU) and a $425 Amazon gift card in the Alamo Bowl (Iowa State vs. Washington State).

The gift packages, however, can vary wildly in quality from bowl to bowl. Sometimes you get a bobblehead of yourself. Sometimes you get that stylish watch. But other times, as the participants of the 2017 New Mexico Bowl found out, you get a blanket and a fidget spinner. 

​​Congratulations to Alabama and Oklahoma on their custom bobblehead. 

Our condolences to Fresno State and Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl, who got a "dad hat" and "Las Vegas gift TBD."