The story of 2017 No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz keeps getting weirder. First, it's the shoulder injury that has now lasted for well over a year, busting his shot in freakish and unimaginable ways. Part mental, part physical, all stupefying.

Turns out, Markelle's life at home may be adding to his mental issues on the court, as a story by Candace Buckner in the Washington Post detailed how Fultz's mother became so overbearing that she installed security cameras in his house in New Jersey. I know, strange.

"Fultz is now a professional on a four-year contract worth $33 million, but close associates said Ebony still goes to great lengths to shield him. During Fultz's first season in Philadelphia, Ebony had several cameras installed in his New Jersey home, according to several people who described the indoor surveillance as unusual. The cameras have since been removed," says Buckner in the story.

Glad they've been removed! That solves the issue.

Fultz's present and future in the NBA are currently in question, and after the Sixers reportedly made him available for trade last month, teams have begun investigating his injury and reevaluating his worth. Perhaps interested teams will take this bizarre family life into account as well.

​Fultz's story keeps getting more and more messy. These spy cameras did nothing to clear anything up.