The NFL has been under fire from fans all season, as quality officiating has seemingly gone down the toilet. Between bad roughing the passer and unnecessary roughness calls and horrendous judgment on pass interference, NFL referees just can't seem to get it right.

That continued this past week after Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott was called for lowering his helmet to initiate contact.

​​This penalty may have been the first of its kind called all year, but is that fine really justifiable?

Although $26K is insignificant to an NFL player, it's still a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a play like this. 

​​The video hardly looks malicious, as Elliott appears to have been falling anyway and lowering his head was just a byproduct of his loss of balance. So to be fined $26K is pretty absurd after he was given a flag.

Elliott has had his history of character concerns both on and off of the field, but regardless of his past, the punishment doled out by the league for what appears to be incidental contact is ludicrous.