Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver desperately wants his team to have a renovated stadium, and, in classic Cool Owner fashion, he wants the cash-strapped city of Phoenix to fund it. When the city rejected that notion this past week, Sarver lashed out, reportedly ​threatening officials that he would move the ​team to Seattle or Las Vegas. And when a meeting occurred at town hall to discuss the matter, Sarver got destroyed by a loyal resident of Arizona: 

Talk about receiving a verbal beatdown, my goodness. In all fairness, ​Sarver deserves to be put on blast like this, and Greta Rogers is very much entitled to her opinion. 

Imagine asking for the city to pay for your entire stadium when your net worth is over $400 million? I don't think taxpayers really love the idea of that. And man, did she lay it on him. 

Rogers had some absolute dimes during her impassioned speech, such as: "He's so tight, he squeaks when he walks. And you have been negotiating with this kind of person? Shame on each and all of you." 

Another great one is, "They can support themselves or fail on their own lack of diligence." 

Sheesh, Greta. Tell them how you really feel.