​It appears that Jabari Parker may be on his way out of Chicago, just a few days after finding himself in Jim Boylen's well-stocked doghouse. The Chicago Bulls appear to be looking to deal the former second overall pick, and the phone lines are open.

Parker, who was recently pulled from the Bulls rotation just months after signing a two-year, $40 million contract, has been a great disappointment in Chicago. The contract, thankfully, features a team option after year one. 

Parker is clearly a gifted scorer, but is one of the worst defenders in the NBA; his defense is even more egregious after being surgically robbed of his agility. The defensive issues and his conditioning seem to have rubbed new coach Jim Boylen the wrong way, without a doubt.

Parker is still young at only 23 years old, and may be worth taking a flyer on, especially as an expiring. I think a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Phoenix Suns would be a good fit for Parker. Parker would be a great high upside player that teams like this should be looking for. He might even be a fit on borderline playoff teams, like Sacramento or New Orleans.

With the team opt out available after this season and the asking price appearing to be low, it would be smart for teams towards the bottom of the standings to consider him.