​As we all know, rivalries in sports can reach ridiculous levels. And one of the most fierce ones is between ​the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

​And now, they've reached rather ridiculous heights.

A federal judge ruled against Packers fan Russell Beckman, who demanded a restraining order against the Bears to allow him to wear his Green Bay apparel on the sidelines for this Sunday's game at Solider Field.

"Being on the opposing team’s side line implies an association with the opposing team while standing in the end zone mere feet away from Bears players warming up suggests to the average football fan something much more out of place," said Judge Joan Gottschall.

Beckman is a season ticket holder for both the Packers and Bears. The lawsuit stemmed from an incident in 2016, where Beckman said the Bears prevented him from participating in a pre-game event on the field because he was wearing Packers gear. Beckman argued that he should be allowed to wear Green Bay clothes because Soldier Field is a public space, maintained by the park district.

The NFL was originally named in the lawsuit, but successfully had themselves removed from the legal proceedings.

This goes to show that fans of both teams will go to ultimate lengths to get under each other's skin. For Beckman, though, he was unsuccessful in his attempt, as he can only stand on the sidelines if he wears anything but green and yellow this Sunday.

However, the lawsuit is still pending, and far from over.