Defense in the NBA has often been criticized in the 21st century as strict, lame, and even nonexistent, but Thursday's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets took things to new heights. 

The Lakers ended up taking the 126-111 loss, but they didn't go down without delivering a hilarious message to the referees.

In protest of what LA believed to be very poor officiating in favor of Houston, the players decided to play defense with their hands behind their backs.

“You can’t touch them,” Lonzo Ball said. “I was just trying not to foul today. They were calling it tight today, so I was just trying to get my hands out of there…It’s very tough staying in front of [Harden] with your hands like that.”

The ​Rockets were actually called for more fouls than the Lakers were on Thursday night, but Houston did take more free throws (32-27). James Harden himself had 19 tries from the line and converted on 18.

To defend the boys from Los Angeles, officiating as a whole has become a pretty big nuisance to the average fan watching in the stands or at home. Sure, the scores grow larger with every free throw, but the action slows down at an enormous rate. That was especially evident in this game between LA and Houston.

I say bravo to the Lakers. Let's wake this league up and try to get some defense back into the game! Especially against James Harden.