Amari Cooper can do no wrong as of late. Well, except report about the NFL.

The Cowboys' superstar hasn't just been a stud for the Cowboys, as he's also been a thorn in the Raiders' side. Every touchdown and fantastic play he makes is a reminder that Oakland made a mistake, which Mark Davis admits. Cooper took things a step further by saying the team's owner was actually the one who shipped him out of town, and not Jon Gruden. 

According to the man that actually has the scoop, Ian Rapoport, Cooper is off with his 'reporting.'

Who do you trust here, the man with ears and eyes in every locker room or the one who was just sent out of the locker room?

Cooper recently told The Athletic that it was Mark Davis, not Jon Gruden,  who was responsible for his departure from Oakland. It seemed odd enough considering Gruden's history of making terrible trades for the Raiders, which Rapoport made sure the world knew.

At this point, who cares? The deed has been done, the Raiders made a mistake and now Cooper looks like a bonafide stud. 

Blame everyone with a pulse who makes decisions in Oakland and be done with it.