​After a big time Seattle Seahawks fan made a hype video for the team after they won big on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson gave him a new task: get all of us to the Pro Bowl. 

The fan took on that challenge and more. 

Not only did he make a one minute-plus video of highlights of players showing why they should make the Pro Bowl, ​Wilson made sure to show the kid some love for coming up big for them.

The video shows various plays like Wilson's huge run against the Vikings and a Frank Clark sack of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. 

How cool is ​Wilson, though? Not only is he showing out on the field, but he's taking time off of it to make sure to interact with some fans.

He even took the time to make a response video to the kid, where he invited him to come play Super Smash Bros. 

Great job by Russ here. There's a reason why he's one of the most likable guys in the league.