​Kids say the darndest of things, like trashing on professional athletes without knowing who they are. Sterling Shepard went undercover to a Modell's and ran into one little kid who had some thoughts on his recent play. The only problem is that the kid had no idea who he was talking to, and instead just wanted his ​Saquon Barkley jersey:

At least Shepard handled the insult well. 

Being called trash straight to your face can't feel too good, especially when the person you're talking to is like seven years old and has no idea who he's talking to. ​​Hopefully ​Shepard has some luck with the other customers that came in, but maybe he should stay away from selling his jersey to kids, unless he wants to get burned again. 

​​That kid is probably the most ruthless little dude Sterling has ever met. 

Even after learning that he was talking to Sterling, that little kid still called him trash. Maybe Shepard will use his new critic as inspiration to go extra hard against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.