In the last few days, a surprise frontrunner has emerged in the Bryce Harper sweepstakes, one that no one has expected to land Harper -- except for themselves.​

The ​Chicago White Sox, never considered a serious suitor for the 2015 NL MVP, are being tossed about by baseball insiders as the ​most likely destination for Harper to land over the last 48 hours.

​​In an act of either excited foresight or of unbelievable hubris, the White Sox have apparently already installed a stage at the United Center for a potential Harper introduction ceremony.

Wow. That's a bold move, ChiSox. Hat tip to Andy Rapp for the photo revelation. That's something.

You've got to think that they wouldn't have gone through the trouble of building that whole thing if they didn't have reasonable cause to believe that Harper was coming to the South Side. Though to be fair, with how bad the Bulls and Blackhawks have been this season, it's not like there's much going excitement to see at the United Center anyway.​​

Will Harper be introduced on that stage within the next week? Or will the White Sox end up with some serious egg on their face? I hope we know soon, because this Harper saga has dragged on for way too long.