​It's been an outstanding season of football for the San Diego Chargers -- almost as good as it's been for the St. Louis Rams and the Houston Oilers. While we're on the subject, I think even the Seattle Supersonics have been doing alright. Ahead of tonight's matchup for AFC supremacy on Thursday Night Football, ESPN's ​Stephen A. Smith had this to say about the Chargers... spoiler alert: he name-drops Hunter Henry, who hasn't played this year, and Derrick Johnson, who isn't currently rostered on an NFL team:

Sorry, Hunter and Derrick. Condolences as well to the inactive Spencer Ware on behalf of a man who constantly references all of the "dear friends" he has around different leagues. ​Smith must not have heard any news out of Southern California for about two years. 

Not only have the Chargers relocated to Los Angeles, Hunter Henry hasn't been healthy for a single game this season. The other two key players mentioned?

For someone whose job is to go on national television and speak about football, you'd think he would have taken a few minutes to catch up on the news from this week...or this season...or last season.

But don't think Stephen A. himself is too busted up over his gaffe-fest.

Ah, okay. But either way, this is the exact kind of thing that drove former First Take co-host Skip Bayless up a wall. Bayless, a meticulous prepper, was being constantly blind-sided by the scorching hot (incorrect) takes coming from across the table.

Based on the look on Tedy Bruschi's face, he might be over it, too.