Don't make a boneheaded mistake on Michael Jordan's watch. The greatest player in ​NBA history still doesn't let this nonsense fly. Just ask Malik Monk, who nearly blew the game for the Hornets on Wednesday night.

The context of the smack is that ​Jeremy Lamb had just hit a long jumper to put the Hornets up 108-106 vs. the Pistons with 0.3 seconds left in the game. Detroit technically had a chance to send it to overtime off a tip-in. Then, Monk got called for a "Too Many Players" technical when celebrating the victory too early, which is a silly mental mistake. 

The tech sent Langston Galloway to the line to make it a single point margin, and the Pistons now had a last second attempt to take the lead. It was always a long shot, and Nic Batum ended up stealing the inbound pass anyway. 

But it's the principle of the thing that really matters.