Things just can't go right for the Washington Redskins this season. After a hot start to the year, the Skins have come crashing down, losing starting quarterback Alex Smith for the season - and possibly forever - and also watching backup Colt McCoy go down. That all came in addition to rookie running back Derrius Guice, who went down with a torn ACL in the preseason.

It turns out that not even the recovery process has been kind to Washington; Smith has had notable issues involving infections in his leg following surgery. Now, we're also learning that Guice faced similar issues.

Guice, like Smith, developed an infection in his leg following surgery. That ordeal would last two whole months, during which the running back experienced flu-like symptoms, had to have three additional procedures, and also had to be hooked up to an IV frequently for a period of three days. 

Can this team catch a break?

Guice isn't letting the bad luck get him down, though. The youngster out of LSU is itching to get back on the field and has spoken to veteran Adrian Peterson, who gave him advice on how to deal with coming back from an ACL injury. Starting next season is still a realistic goal for the back.

“I’m pretty mentally strong, so this isn’t beating me up,” Guice said via the Washington Post. “I always try to look at the positives of things. It’s another year, I can get faster, bigger, stronger, learn the system more. Just be around the guys more.”