​​The Packers playoff chances are slim at this point in the season, as the beleaguered unit fired head coach Mike McCarthy in a last-ditch attempt to save face on what's been a disappointing year all around.

After a win on Sunday, Green Bay still has some hope to making a run at the postseason. Still, ​Aaron Rodgers isn't getting his hopes up.

​​At this point, Green Bay would like to just exit this season unscathed, specifically Rodgers who has dealt with multiple injury issues of his own. But this isn't to say Green Bay should punt on the rest of the campaign, and even Rodgers understands ending the season on a high point is necessary after making such a drastic move as firing McCarthy.

The Packers still have a few days to prove themselves, and perhaps make them an enticing destination for free agents and a high-profile coach should the organization choose to go in a different direction than Joe Philbin.

Or, if the cards continue to fall their way, an unforgettable playoff run is on the horizon.