SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 18: Brandon Bostick #86 of the Green Bay Packers bobbles an onsides kick as Chris Matthews #13 of the Seattle Seahawks and Jordy Nelson #87 of the Green Bay Packers close in during the fourth quarter of the 2015 NFC Championship game at CenturyLink Field on January 18, 2015 in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Biggest NFL Playoff Choke Jobs of All Time

We've all been there. Your favorite NFL team is in prime position with everything going right late in the game. It's an easy put-away. A chip-shot kick. A playcall even the fans at home could make. But that doesn't happen. Your boys slip and fall flat on their faces, the victory having slipped from their once sure hands. It's the worst.

These are the worst of the worst, on the biggest of stages, in the biggest of moments.

7. Matt Hasselbeck Gets the Ball and Doesn't Score - 2004 NFC Wild Card

"We want the ball and we're going to score!" The famous last words of Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

But Matty didn't score. After winning the coin toss in an overtime against the Green Bay Packers in the 2004 Wild Card, Hasselbeck and the Seahawks didn't live up to their promise on the first drive of overtime, nor the second.

In fact, Hasselbeck went ahead and tossed a pick-six for the walk-off loss to cornerback Al Harris, getting outrun to the end zone after his rather cocky proclamation just a few minutes before.

Hey, at least he had the confidence.

6. Marcus Williams Whiffs On the Hit - 2018 NFC Divisional Round

You know what's worse than choking your way to a loss? Making sure your teammate can't help you out, either. Marcus Williams did both.

The game was over in the NFC Divisional round between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings in 2018. The Saints were up by one with the Vikings on their own 39. 10 seconds left in the game. No timeouts remaining.

The bomb everyone knew was coming came. That's when safety Marcus Williams not only whiffed on the tackle of receiver Steffon Diggs, but also took out his own teammate, who could've made the tackle himself.

Diggs could've walked into the end zone, and scored the game-winning touchdown with no time remaining.

5. Favre Tosses Away the Game - 2010 NFC Championship

There it was: the chance for Brett Favre to laugh in the face of the Green Bay Packers after leaving them for the Minnesota Vikings. With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line in the NFC Championship against New Orleans, Favre had to make one simple play to secure the win.

He didn't.

Situated on the Saints' 38-yard line with 15 seconds remaining in a tie game, Favre rolled out of the pocket on third down. With no receivers open, the veteran had about five yards of empty space ahead of him to get his kicker a few extra yards for the game-winning field goal attempt. 

Instead, he threw it across his body and into the hands of a New Orleans defender. The Saints would then win the game in the ensuing overtime.

4. Tony Romo Bobbles the Snap - 2006 NFC Wild Card

Haven't we all had enough of making fun of the Cowboys for their inevitable choke jobs? No? Didn't think so.

The 2006 Wild Card was no different. It was Dallas vs. Seattle. Final moments. Hawks up by 1. The Cowboys have a 19-yard field goal set up for the win. Tony Romo was fielding the snap.

Correction: Tony Romo was fumbling the snap.

Romo famously botched the hold for the game-winning kick and attempted to run in into the end zone.

Spoiler alert: it didn't work.

3. Brandon Bostick Muffs the Onside Kick - 2015 NFC Championship

After a few years of playoff mediocrity, the Green Bay Packers were looking Super-Bowl bound late in the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. The Hawks couldn't touch the Packer defense. Aaron Rodgers had managed to put up 20 against the vaunted Legion of Boom.

But things went south from there. 

Seattle scored for just the second time all game with 2 minutes left in the game and attempted an onside kick. Packers tight end Brandon Bostick was there for them. Ignoring his blocking duties, Bostick tried to play hero but ended up muffing the kick and allowed Seattle to recover.

The Hawks would later score and take the game in overtime courtesy of Bostick's blunder. They won. 

2. Falcons Give Back a 28-3 Lead - Super Bowl LI

With two minutes left in the third quarter up 28-3, most thought this Super Bowl was over. Nobody believed that more than the Atlanta Falcons. We all know how that turned out for them.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons stood by and watched as Tom Brady and the Patriots orchestrated one of the greatest comebacks in football history, scoring 31 unanswered points starting late in the third quarter and ending in overtime.

All they needed was a field goal in the fourth to win it all. They couldn't get it. 

1. Russell Wilson Throws a Pick on the Goal Line - Super Bowl XLIX

You knew it was coming. When you think of choke, you think of this dreadfully choke-tastic play back in 2015.

It's the Super Bowl, 20 seconds remaining, Seattle down by four. The ball is on the Patriots' one-yard line and the Hawks have the most powerful running back in the league, Marshawn Lynch. A run up the middle wins the big game.

But they throw the ball. Russell Wilson throws an interception to Malcolm Butler's hands, gifting Tom Brady and the Patriots yet another Super Bowl victory in one of the most boneheaded offensive play calls ever.