7 Oct 2000:  Jason Geathers #3 of the Miami Hurricanes celebrates after the game against the Florida State Seminoles at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.  The Hurricanes defeated the Seminoles 27-24.Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyons  /Allsport

Teams That Would've Won National Titles if CFP Had Replaced BCS National Champions Earlier

Before we had the four-team College Football Playoffs, the top-two-team BCS rankings was the path to winning a national championship in college football. Many teams have been close to winning the title over the years, and many have fallen short. Here are the list of teams that in the College Football Playoffs system, would've won the whole thing if not for the BCS National Champions.  

5. Auburn (2004)

The Auburn Tigers may have finished 13-0 in 2004, but in the BCS era, being undefeated just wasn't enough some years. According to their computer metrics, the Tigers were ranked 3 overall, and had to settle for an appearance in the Sugar Bowl. USC killed Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship, but have since had that title stripped because of Reggie Bush.  

4. Texas (2008)

Colt McCoy and the 2008 Longhorns were dominant, and their path to the national title was a clear one until a fated game against Texas Tech. With blown coverage late in the fourth quarter, the Red Raiders took the lead 39-33 and won the game. Texas finished third in the BCS and Florida wound up beating Oklahoma in the final, but it could have been a different result if Texas was allowed in. 

3. Oregon (2012)

The Marcus Mariota-led ducks seemed unstoppable at the beginning of their 2012 season, and they were well poised to get a shot at the title. Unfortunately for them, a loss to Stanford in double overtime ensured that Chip Kelly's squad would not make it all the way that year as Alabama killed Notre Dame and Oregon finished in fourth place in the BCS. 

2. Oklahoma State (2011)

The 2011 Oklahoma State Cowboys were another team to suffer a heartbreaking double overtime loss that ended their chance at the title, The Cowboys went into their game against Iowa State as No. 2 in the nation, but their loss pushed them to the third spot, and LSU and Alabama played a rematch, which Alabama won. 

1. Miami (2000)

The 2000 Miami Hurricanes were one of the most complete teams that college football had ever seen. Unfortunately for them, an early-season loss to Washington hurt them, despite the fact that they went on to beat the Florida State and Virginia Tech. They were one spot out of the BCS, which Oklahoma won over FSU.