Good news for die-hard Packers fans that don't like leaving the country! The NFL has released which teams will host international games in 2019. 

While Green Bay is scheduled to play at the Chargers, a team set to host an international game, they're not expected to pack their bags to head across the pond next season. 

This is good to hear for old fashioned fans that don't want to travel internationally or get up early to watch the Packers play. A litany of intangible factors also go into playing a football game in London or ​Mexico City.

The team itself would have to deal with either 7,382 feet of elevation in Mexico, or a five-hour time difference adjustment in London. In the ​NFL, every game is important, and not having to worry about dealing with these inconveniences makes winning that much easier. 

Let's not forget that the field that the NFL agreed to use in Mexico City was so ​poorly taken care of that the game was moved to Los Angeles. The field at the 'Estadio Azteca' was that bad.