​The Green Bay Packers are still very much alive in the playoff race, albeit with slim chances. However, they sit one game behind the rival Minnesota Vikings for the NFC's final Wild Card spot. 

Now, this weekend, they face a rather huge roadblock in the Chicago Bears.

​Interim head coach Joe Philbin knows how dangerous Chicago's defense is for Green Bay, and even joked during a press conference on Wednesday that they're causing him to lose some sleep.

​​The Bears defensive squad has been impressive throughout the season, but they took their status as the league's best to the next level after holding the explosive Los Angeles Rams to just six points this past Sunday.

Philbin mentions the defensive rankings of Chicago, as they rank in the single digits in nearly every category, which would give any opposing head coach some nightmares.

​​But Philbin shouldn't have to fret much, as his pass defense ranks as the eighth-best in the league in terms of average yards allowed (225.0). That defensive factor alone could help the Packers limit Mitchell Trubisky's impact on the game.

However, Green Bay will need to do their damnedest to keep Aaron Rodgers upright, as the Bears ​made Jared Goff their own personal tackling dummy. If the Packers wants to sniff the playoffs, they'll have to hold back the proverbial flood waters from Chicago.