The Winter Meetings are the point in the MLB offseason when general managers start holding their cards a little farther away from their chest, and we start to get a better idea of how much each team values certain players, either within their organization or outside in the ether.

One player whose internal value has been revealed is Miguel Andujar. Based off the signals the Yankees have been sending, they don't seem too crazy about their 23-year-old third baseman. 

Andujar's name has popped up in trade rumors all over the place, particularly in conversations with the Mets and Marlins in a potential J.T. Realmuto deal, and the Yanks have shown a willingness to trade him away. 

These Winter Meetings aren't even the first time that we've heard this notion from the Yankees. 

Way back before the non-waiver trade deadline, there were whispers that the team would be inclined to trade their young star if it meant an upgrade elsewhere. 

But why would the Yankees want to trade a guy who led the team with a .297 batting average and led all 2018 rookies with 27 home runs and 92 RBIThe answers lie in his defense and his potential. 

Andujar is simply not a gifted defensive player. According to Baseball Reference, he cost the Yankees 29 runs with his play at the hot corner this season, and was even omitted from his team's do-or-die ALDS Game 4 lineup against the Boston Red Sox because of said liability.

We can glean that the Yankees do not think that he will ever turn into a plus defender, and also believe that as a hitter, this is the best they will get from him, based off of his impatient approach at the plate. 

The Bronx Bombers may have caught lightning in a bottle with Andujar, but feel that his success is a flash in the pan, and would rather see him burn out elsewhere than fade away with them.