Nicki Minaj isn't genially known for her sports takes, but she's about to make one rather huge one known to all. She's threatening to sue Jesse Palmer, a former NFL quarterback and current commentator for  ESPN

Yes, the rapper reportedly got upset over a recent segment on Palmer's DailyMail TV show. In this particular episode, Palmer discussed Nicki's new relationship with a man of questionable character and her backing of her brother, who was convicted of sexual assault of a child. 

The boyfriend in question is apparently a registered sex offender as well. He also served time in prison for manslaughter, according to the DailyMail segment. Palmer says that Nicki's fans are not happy about this relationship that she is in. Palmer's comments about the man Nicki is dating and about what her fans think seem to be the source of Nicki's anger.

At the moment, Nicki's comments do not make much sense. She used #ArnoldPalmer in her comments on Instagram, but Jesse has no relation to the late golfer, of course. The actual grounds on which Nicki would actually sue the ESPN personality are unclear, but she seems to be pretty angry about the situation.

I don't know if Nicki actually plans on suing "this hoe" or if it's just a stunt to get into the headlines. Either way, the content here proves to be entertaining, if nothing else.