​Recent reports have indicated that the two-time defending National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers have been discussing trades with the Cincinnati Reds. And while nothing sounds close at the moment, there are rumblings that outfielder Yasiel Puig could potentially be headed to the midwest.

If Puig is sent to Cincy, insider Jon Heyman pointed out that he would be ​reunited with his former hitting coach, Turner Ward, who recently joined David Bell's Reds staff.

​​Puig is said to be ​"disgruntled" with his current role in LA, as he was unhappy with being platooned in right field during 2018. While the 28-year-old is one year away from free agency, it would make sense for the Dodgers to trade him if he is indeed not a fan of his current role.

With Puig most likely being dealt this offseason, this clears up an outfield slot for the Dodgers to pursue free agent outfielder ​Bryce Harper

If he gets to be with his bro Ward again, Puig in Cincinnati wouldn't be a bad fit. 

Selling him on Skyline Chili, however, might not be as easy.