​Is it possible we bemoaned the end of the Yasiel Puig-Turner Ward bromance a bit too early? It certainly seems likely now.

When Ward, the hitting coach extraordinaire who spent the past three seasons with the ​Dodgers, departed to join a now-stacked Cincy staff, we worried aloud about ​who Puig would kiss moving forward after big moments

You know Puig did that, right? Did you know? It's joyous.

Regardless, it now seemss like we held the Bromance Funeral ahead of schedule; per talks, ​the Dodgers and Reds are engaged on Puig. While it's hard to picture Puig in anything other than Dodger Blue, rumors are circulating that he's actually on the trading block. 

​​The Dodgers are more than motivated to clear their outfield surplus, especially ahead of a potential Bryce Harper addition.

Cleveland wants one of LA's outfielders in a Corey Kluber deal, but Turner Ward's smooches are across the state, so we're sure the Wild Horse would rather find his way to the Kentucky border instead. 

Puig's projected $11.3 million tag is hitting the upper reaches of what the Dodgers would be willing to pay for someone they don't seem willing to commit long term to. Match made in heaven with the Reds, it would seem. But whether the two teams can actually come to a deal—and whether Puig can force his way to one destination over another—remains to be seen.