​The ​Packers are in the midst of finding a new head coach after letting go of ​Mike McCarthy a couple of weeks ago, but some people close to the organization believe that star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in charge in Green Bay. 

Matter of fact, he's been in charge for nearly 10 years. 

Ex-Packers assistant coach ​Winston Moss said on Fox's NFL Kickoff that McCarthy and Rodgers' careers had grown exponentially together. Moss also jokingly commented that Rodgers had "been the head coach for the past nine years." 

Moss was let go by the team after he posted a critical tweet about the Packers following McCarthy's firing. 

Despite no longer being with the team, he still has opinions on how things were behind the scenes. And he isn't afraid to say who he thinks was really in charge all along. 

While it's obvious that Rodgers is the most well known and important player on the Packers, it's a bold statement for Moss to make. But there might be some truth, even despite the jokes. From LeBron James to Aaron Rodgers, we often see star players taking on coach-like roles for their team.

Moss also addressed the fact that the team announced they would not ask Rodgers for help in determining who the team's next head coach will be. Moss didn't believe the team's statement, simply offering a wink in response and sarcastically agreeing with the sentiment.