If you're one of the NFL fans who complain about how quarterbacks can't be touched, defenders have no way of guarding receivers fairly, or that the league will soon turn to flag football, we feel you. 

But, you've got to look at the business side of things. Take Monday Night Football's matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings for instance. That game was one of the least watched primetime games of the past decade.

Why? Because there wasn't a lick of offense until the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

In case you haven't noticed, Americans love action. And in sports, action usually translates to scoring. That much is evidenced by the ratings for last night's game between two playoff-contending teams. 

It doesn't matter who the teams are; the game went into the 4th quarter at 3-0 and not a soul was interested. 

The last time the ratings were this low for a MNF game this late in the season was 2011 when the Seahawks and (then St. Louis) ​Rams finished a 30-13 game. At the time, the two were the worst teams in the NFC West. 

The NFL knows that most of their fans want to see the offenses on full display. Player safety rules are more business decisions for the league than they are safety policies. They know that without the likes of Brady, Rodgers, and Brees, they'll lose out on a ton of money. 

So, it shouldn't be such a big surprise that a defensive battle between two potential NFC playoff teams gets no love. The NFL has told us what we respond well to with their rules and policies.

We want offense!