Less than a week after the Chicago Bulls inexplicably fired head coach Fred Hoiberg, the organization is already back to its usual "dumpster fire" status. 

In the aftermath of a head coach firing, ​NBA teams almost always ride out the rest of the season with an interim coach. Someone who can at least steer the boat to the finish line, or whatever the analogy is. In Chicago's case, however, they went ahead and slapped the Gar Forman seal  of approval on a new official head coach, ​Jim Boylen.

While I'm sure Boylen, the newest branch on the Gregg Popovich coaching tree, is trying to set a tone for how he runs a team, it isn't going over well. Players and coaching staff are already butting heads in a way that can't project well for their future success.  

​​Bulls players reached out to the NBPA about Boylen's practice routines, which apparently had the team running full-court suicides, something I would guess most NBA players haven't done in practice since high school.

However unfairly they feel they've been treated, the Bulls have been spared no humiliation by others in the league.  After a 108-89 loss to the Sacramento Kings in Chicago last night, Chicago fans could hear the opposing team talking on their way off the court. 

The good news for Jim Boylen is that the next Bulls game isn't for two full days. Let's see how many suicides he can squeeze in before then.