​LeBron James is a marketing master, and he knows how to drum up feelings of confusion, aversion, and aggravation unlike any other superstar. So, it comes as no surprise that he used his final matchup with ​Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat to inflict a ​little more pain on the New York Knicks and their devoted fans. Check out this exchange after the final game against the Lakers of Wade's distinguished career, where Bron admits he kind of, sort of, almost chose the Knicks before bolting to Hollywood.

Come on, now.

And for those of you who believed this to be some sort of random one-off (or even a reference to the TD Garden in Boston, where a much better team plays), Brian Windhorst threw more cold water on NYC.

​​Oh, so he didn't rule out the Knicks as a destination until after a guy who's no longer with the organization rightfully traded someone who was killing the team from the inside out? You don't say.

Not shockingly, Knicks fans are actually taking this great.

​​Cool as cucumbers. Actually laughing, thanks.

​​So incredibly funny.

​​Don't talk to your New York friends today. They didn't need this hope.