His last few games may not have been something he'd want to remember, but Mike McCarthy has done an excellent job leaving on the right note. With everything said and done and the Packers moving on to win games under Joe Philbin, there was nothing else for McCarthy to do but say goodbye to the stadium he called home for 13 years. McCarthy went to Lambeau Field one last time on Wednesday night to leave the Packers behind.

Say what you want about this season, but McCarthy loved everything about the Packers from the moment he got there.

McCarthy could not have ended things in a better way. He was allowed to speak with the players one final time on Wednesday, took out an ad to say thank you to the fanbase in multiple newspapers and still had nothing but positive things to say about Green Bay despite his exit. 

McCarthy had a ton of good memories at his home stadium and with this franchise. He had 125 wins, six division championships, nine postseason appearances and a Super Bowl title. 

Goodbye, Mike McCarthy. Lambeau will miss you too.