The Green Bay Packers defeated the Atlanta Falcons Sunday to improve to 5-7-1, starting the post-Mike McCarthy era on a positive note.

The win was a much-needed one, and helped lift the spirits of a team that had dropped three in a row and ​ousted their coach of 13 years in the process.

While many have called this a lost season for Green Bay, a lot of things broke right for them in Week 14, leading some to wonder if this season isn't a wasted one after all.

Can the Packers Still Make the Playoffs?

There's the question on the minds of all the hopeless optimists in Wisconsin today. The answer, in short, is yes; that said, it's phenomenally unlikely to happen. To start, here is a list of all the ways that games would need to go over the last three weeks of the year for Green Bay to have a chance of making the postseason:​

​​Keep in mind that the Bears beat the Rams last night after this tweet was composed, so scenario two is already off the table. Since there's no chance at a division title, the only way the Pack make the playoffs is through the Wild Card.

To do that, they'll have to win out, including beating the Bears (difficult, but they do seem to have Chicago's number). Then, they'll need both the Panthers and Redskins to lose one of their remaining three, which isn't impossible. Then they need either Minnesota or Seattle to lose three of four, which is even more difficult because one team has ​got to win their matchup tonight.

So there you have it. It's unlikely, but not impossible, for Green Bay to make the playoffs. If you're a Packers fan, all you can do is sit and hope.