​The Green Bay Packers looked alive for the first time in a long while during their 34-20 win against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, leaving their already slim playoff hopes in the hands of the Chicago Bears. 

Had the ​Bears lost to the Rams, the Packers would've went into Soldier Field next weekend with a chance to sweep the season series and increase their playoff chances drastically. 

With a win, they would've had the tiebreaker over Chicago, and would've only been two games back with two games left.

So you're saying there's a chance?

The ​Packers have the Bears, Jets and Lions remaining on their schedule. Had Chicago lost last night and lost next week to Green Bay, the Pack could've easily taken the final two games as the Lions and Jets have been abysmal this season. If the Bears fell to the 49ers and Vikings, that would've put them in a tie for first place with the Pack owning the tiebreaker. 

With the Bears win however, they now have nine wins to the Packers five, and with three games left, there is no chance the Pack can overtake Chicago in any way, shape or form. 

While their easier path through Chicago died a horrible death, they still have a chance if teams like the Redskins, Eagles, Panthers, Vikings and Seahawks all falter somehow. 

Something tells me that Packers fans should start looking forward to next season.